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Adam Dymitruk

Adam Dymitruk

Alexandra Moxin

Alexandra Moxin

Latest Episode

Dr. Richard M. Stallman, Software Freedom Activist

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018

Dr. Richard Matthew Stallman is a software developer and software freedom activist. He worked at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT from 1971 to 1984, learning operating system development and wrote the first extensible Emacs text editor there in 1976. He also developed the AI technique of dependency-directed backtracking, known as truth maintenance. In 1983 Stallman announced the project to develop the GNU operating system, a Unix-like operating system meant to be entirely free software, and has been the leader of the project ever since. With that announcement he also launched the Free  Read More

Michael Feathers

Posted on Sunday, Apr 30, 2017

This week we interview our special guest Michael Feathers of r7k Research & Conveyance and author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code. To find out more about this episode take a look at the shownotes by clicking the episode title.

Scott Bellware and Nathan Ladd

Posted on Thursday, Apr 20, 2017

On the inaugural episode of the Advance Tech Podcast we interview special guests Scott Bellware and Nathan Ladd, microservices and distributed systems experts out of Austin, Texas. To find out more about this episode take a look at the shownotes by clicking the episode title.