Erik Reppel and Robert Reppel

Posted on Thursday, Aug 31, 2017
This week we interview Cryptocurrency, ICO, Blockchain and Ethereum expert Erik Reppel from Coinbase and Robert Reppel CTO at Adaptech! To find out more about this episode take a look at the shownotes by clicking the episode title.

Show Notes

Written by Alexandra Moxin

Erik Reppel was one of the winners at Hack the North, Canada’s biggest Hackathon, in 2016 and works for Coinbase. Erik is finishing his B.SEng. at UVIC majoring in Computer Science. You can find Erik on twitter @programmer.

Robert Reppel is CTO and Partner at Adaptech Solutions and co-host of the Microservices Design and Implementation Meetup. A true Polyglot, Robert has more than 25 years of practical, hands-on experience as a Software and Systems Architect, fixer, aligner, deliverer and explainer of products and projects within all aspects of the software development life cycle.

We cover a lot in this episode, so get comfortable and hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did!

Things we cover in this episode

  • Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies
  • Industry trends in the past year
  • ICOs and token offerings vs. Segwit (Segregated Witness)
  • The recent SEC securities ruling and paper
  • ICOs and the Dao (
  • Ethereum network split
  • Golem and Auger (REP)
  • Uncapped vs. closed cap ICOs
  • Ox (ZRX) token
  • Decentralized protocol for exchange
  • Open (uncapped) ICOs such as Tezos
  • Closed cap ICOs such as BAT Token on the Ethereum block)
  • Tokens on the Ethereum block vs. those on their own chain
  • Network effects
  • Why event streams are good for blockchain and cryptocurrency systems
  • Using Adaptech’s PaaS and to win the UBC Blockathon
  • Team Consentaur’s UBC Blockathon Win! (Blockchain Hackathon)
  • NOTA
  • Centralized and decentralized applications
  • Blockchain, CQRS and event sourced systems
  • Merkle trees and asynchronous systems, RACE conditions, eventual consistency
  • Byzantine generals problem, trusted nodes
  • Proof of work mining, nonce and hashing conditions
  • Proof of stake
  • Zero knowledge proofs
  • Offloading computation and distributed nodes (Golem), edge networks
  • SegWit (Segregated Witness) and Lightning Network
  • Bitcoin cash, hardforking and scaling
  • Mining Bitcoin cash vs. traditional Bitcoin
  • Stream based architecture, blockchain cryptocurrency, AI, Machine Learning
  • Robert’s predictions for the future of event based / event sourced systems
  • Greg Young’s 10 years of DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing
  • Erik’s predictions for the future of cryptocurrency

Hope you enjoy our interview with Erik and Robert!

Stay tuned for news, announcements and our next interview!


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