Nikolas Badminton

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 27, 2017
This week we interview special guest and futurist, Nikolas Badminton! To find out more about this episode take a look at the shownotes by clicking the episode title.

Show Notes

Written by Alexandra Moxin

“The exponential growth of humanity is happening today. And, we have the power to define that through love and wisdom.” – Nikolas Badminton, Futurist

Nikolas Badminton is a researcher and futurist speaker who splits his time between Canada (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal), USA, UK, and provides insights into how people, communities, cities, businesses, and countries are changing with exponential technology.

He studied Applied Psychology and Computing in the U.K. and specialised in artificial intelligence and linguistics along with social network theory and human-computer interaction. For over 20 years he’s been hacking his way through tech jobs in big data, analytics, advertising, and the sharing economy.

He recently interviewed Edward Snowden at the University of Waterloo, spoke to 1500 leaders at the Premier’s Forum for Natural Resources in Prince George and you can see him at these upcoming events: Canada Futurists in Vancouver and Toronto, Our Futures Conference at Quest University in Squamish, and the 18th Annual Privacy & Security Conference leading a panel about Mixed Reality with innovators in that field.

You can see some of Nik’s featured work and speaking engagements at Nikolas and be sure to check him out at Exponential Minds which is a content and event network and a worldwide superinfluencers network and the Futurists Speakers Agency.

Welcome to the future!

Things we cover in this episode

  • Nik’s background and how he became a futurist
  • Augmented reality and mixed reality
  • Disruption across industries
  • Mesh networks, blockchain and distributed data
  • Medjacking and the security of tech implants
  • Lifi (100x faster than wifi, uses light to transfer data)
  • Psychedelic Cultural Reality
  • Centralization vs. Decentralization (industry, data, news, fake news)
  • The religion of modern software and control of the media
  • Snapchat, Facebook live, YouTube live
  • Trusted networks
  • Open source software vs. licencing and patents
  • Open information
  • Amazon Go
  • Future trends (20 - 30 years out), AI and exponential technology
  • What it means to be a human in the modern world, transhumanists
  • Universal basic income
  • The future of factories, agriculture and driving
  • Circular economy and renewable energy

Hope you enjoy our interview with Nik!

Stay tuned for news, announcements and our next interview!


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