Michael Feathers

Posted on Sunday, Apr 30, 2017
This week we interview our special guest Michael Feathers of r7k Research & Conveyance and author of Working Effectively with Legacy Code. To find out more about this episode take a look at the shownotes by clicking the episode title.

Show Notes

Written by Alexandra Moxin and Adam Dymitruk

“Symbiosis is a way of seeing organizations that reflects the reality of our impact on software and its impact upon us.” – Michael Feathers

Michael Feathers is Founder and Director of R7K Research & Conveyance a company specializing in software and organization design. Michael wrote Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Prentice Hall, 2004) and specializes supporting organizations with general software design issues, process change and code revitalization.

Prior to forming R7K, Michael was the Chief Scientist of Obtiva and a consultant with Object Mentor International. Over the past 20 years he has consulted with hundreds of organizations and is a frequent presenter at national and international conferences.

Questions we cover in this episode

  • Michael’s background, how he got into computers and programming
  • What drives him to get out of bed in the morning
  • Who are his mentors/sources of inspiration
  • Some of the emerging trends he sees in his field and what will be important to learn and to consider in the next 5 - 10 years
  • What Michael considers to be important in programming
  • Where people should start when learning to program
  • What inspired Michael to write Working Effectively with Legacy Code (WELC)
  • Whether he has plans to revise WELC, whether he has plans to author any other upcoming books
  • Michael’s consulting business R7K and Research and Conveyance and speaking engagements

Hope you enjoy our interview with Michael!

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  • F# support is now live in Jet Brains Rider
  • Mastodon update: Mastodon is a free and open source alternative to twitter with over 500k users and is supported by more than 1,500 servers
  • YouTube-dlG supports video and audio downloads from YouTube
  • Lineage OS now available on OnePlus2 wih Android Nougat


  • Future Camp 2017 will be at at Red Academy on May 13th. Future Camp is an unconference that brings together the keenest minds in the Pacific Northwest to discuss and debate where the future is taking us.

  • Coming up this May 6th & 7th is LinuxFest Northwest a free linux conference in Bellingham, Washington at Bellingham Technical College. Free to attend but you can purchase a ticket which will include a tshirt and lunch for both days. Go check it out to see lots of amazing sessions on everything open source!

Stay tuned for our next interview!

r7k Research & Conveyance


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