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Adam Dymitruk

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Dr. Richard M. Stallman, Software Freedom Activist

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 12, 2018

Dr. Richard Matthew Stallman is a software developer and software freedom activist. He worked at the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT from 1971 to 1984, learning operating system development and wrote the first extensible Emacs text editor there in 1976. He also developed the AI technique of dependency-directed backtracking, known as truth maintenance. In 1983 Stallman announced the project to develop the GNU operating system, a Unix-like operating system meant to be entirely free software, and has been the leader of the project ever since. With that announcement he also launched the Free  Read More

Yurii Rashkovskii, Open Source Entrepreneur

Posted on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Yurii Rashkovskii is a Software Developer, Entrepreneur and Blockchain expert. Yurii is passionate about edge computing and creating free and open solutions that liberate us from vendor lock-ins. Yurii recently released SIT: Serverless Information Tracker and has been around Bitcoin and Blockchain since 2012. He previously co-founded two startups in the space, and is looking forward to participating in thoughtful initiatives and projects in the future. For comprehensive shownotes and links in the episode take a look below or click the episode title.

Cale Moodie, Neptune DASH

Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cale Moodie is CEO and Director of Neptune DASH. Neptune DASH is the first public blockchain company that is entirely focused on the DASH eco-system and the first public company to exclusively own and operate masternode assets as a business. Fidelity investments is a major and supportive shareholder of Neptune DASH. For comprehensive shownotes and links in the episode take a look below or click the episode title.

Claire Gallant - Gender, Tech and Futurism

Posted on Monday, Apr 9, 2018

Claire Gallant is a talented cryptoasset and blockchain technologies researcher, token designer and educator. She is a payment advisor for Payfirma, and a well-known community organizer and advocate for technology innovation as opportunities to establish new forms of value creation and social transformation. Claire is the Organizer of Women in Blockchain Vancouver, Organizer of the Gender Dynamics Speakers Series 2018 through Co[i]nfluence, and Organizer of the BC Blockchain Forum and the Spotlight on Women in Blockchain Roundtable. For comprehensive shownotes and links in the episode take a look below or click the episode title.

MaRi Eagar is a cryptoasset and blockchain consultant working in this industry since 2013. MaRi is a Chartered Accountant and Business Strategist with an international career at Deloitte, HSBC and Standard Bank. MaRi is Founder and Chair of DigitalFutures B.U.I.L.D. (Blockchain User-Centric Innovation and Leadership Development) and Founder of the BC Blockchain Forum. She is passionate about the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and is a leader and core contributor in many areas. For comprehensive shownotes and links in the episode take a look below or click the episode title.

Peter Paul Van Hoeken, FrontFundr

Posted on Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018

Peter-Paul Van Hoeken is Founder and CEO of FrontFundr the leading online funding and investment platform in Canada with a proven track record of successfully completing the first equity crowdfunding transactions in Canada. FrontFundr advocates an open and transparent market in which companies and investors understand the risks and potential returns (or losses). FrontFundr has developed a secure proprietary technology platform and has strong relationships with all stakeholders including the provincial securities regulators in Canada, as a fully registered Exempt Market Dealer in eight  Read More